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From Paper to Pixels: The Key Advantages of a Paperless Management System


There are a lot of organizations which to this day, still use the old paper-based system which is done manually and which results in various complications; it is difficult to manage, time-consuming and it gives the sense of an unproductive management system. This contradicts the main idea behind the implementation of an ISO management system – ease processes, manage risks effectively, achieve customer satisfaction and have continuously improved processes.

As a result, organizations now are acquiring paperless document management solutions to manage and control the operation of the management system. An automated ISO management system — an improved way of managing and maintaining an existing management system or implementing a new one —besides the ease of document management – has the following key advantages:

Documentation Change

The process of automation makes the process much easier. When employees of an organization are managing their process documentation manually in a shared drive or even in a book, it can become difficult to ensure that they are using the most up-to-date documents, sheets, or lists. The situation can get more complex when individuals start to have uncontrolled copies of different projects or other outdated and obsolete records regarding the organization’s processes and procedures.

On the other hand, when the maintenance of the management system is delegated to verified ISO software, employees use the latest updated versions of documents. Hence, any change that is made becomes promptly available after approval without having to complete the process manually and update shared drives or books.

Process Flow

There are various management system processes and procedures, such as corrective actions that can be difficult to comprehend and work through, especially for employees who are not frequently involved in these types of processes or procedures.

By using sophisticated ISO software, organizations will have a standardized tool that helps employees work smoothly through complex processes and procedures. As such, organizations will establish a management system that is continually improved and has a solid foundation. That being said, ISO software will ensure that even though you do not have management system experts, the workflow will be well structured and organized.

Easier Management of Records

For any management system, organizations should ensure the record-keeping of their activities so as to demonstrate evidence of conformity to the relevant requirements.  When the process is done manually, organizations may experience delays from the time of creating a task record per se, to storing that record for retrieval; or sometimes there are cases where the records are completely lost or even misfiled.

While with a controlled software system records are immediately archived it in the system. In addition, the information and records are readily available to the top management for review when needed

Fewer Resources for the Maintenance of an ISO Management System

The maintenance of an ISO management system requires numerous resources in order to ensure its effectiveness and its continual improvement. In addition, workforce is necessary to ensure that the system remains up to date.

On the other hand, most of the resources are reduced when using an automated ISO management system. Hence, by reducing resources, the organizations also reduce costs, which means that the operational efficacy will be improved too.

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