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Our team has sworn an oath to ensure to provide you with exceptional content on a variety of recently concerning issues and interesting topics including but not limited to; Quality Management Systems, Health and Safety, Environment, Business Continuity, Resilience, Service Management, Information Security, Cyber Security, Risk and Management. With a great base of contributors, our mission is to enhance your information gathering while supplementing your professional opinions. By giving you access to remarkable content, we encourage you to take part in moving together towards succeeding our mission. Your contribution in providing useful information to the global community adds to the connection between relevance and integrity.

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To list yourself among PECB Insights Magazine contributors simply contact our team. Contributors may be either writers, editors, critics, or any other interested party who feels should put pen to paper in any topic with respect to our magazine scope.

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Surfing through PECB Insights Magazine is expected to fall in conformity with some general agreements. Bound to this statement, we must remain within the ethical boundaries of this website. Serving as a source of knowledge and information sharing, we aim to provide you with quality and useful content. Therefore, following these terms, the use of appropriate language is advised to be applied. If at any point, inappropriate and offensive language is noticed during discussions, PECB Insights holds the right of revoking this specifically mentioned content. Please refer to the following section to read more about our copyright infringement policy.

Copyright Infringement Policy

Based on Canadian Copyright Act, the writer of a work has the right to the integrity of the work and thereby holds the right of associating the author name by a pseudonym or has the right to remain anonymous depending on the circumstances. Additionally, an assignment of copyright in a work does not, by that act alone, violate moral rights.  As such, the work of an Author is and should be referred to as the work of the corresponding Author(s), if not specified differently. Further, the work of an author present in this website is, and will remain a property of PECB; however, with referral to the creator. The content of PECB Insights Magazine can be subject to sharing in any social and broadcasting media as long as credit is given to the PECB Insights. Reproduction of any work on this website must be in conformity with anti-plagiarism acts.

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